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Tech Development

The origins of Valkyrie’s Powered Armor Infantry and Valkyries begins in 2013 with SOCOM’s TALOS project…




2013 – TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit)

The 0th Generation TALOS prototype was presented in 2013, and soon thereafter development began on powered suits.


2020 – SHIELDS (Special Humanoid Infantry Enhancement LoaDoutS)

The 1st Generation SHIELDS were fully powered and combat capable. Following SHIELDS, technology development split into two paths, one path led to ever larger Valkyries, and the other path led to ever more capable Powered Infantry Suits.


2025 – 1st Valkyries

The 2nd Generation Valkyries had limited combat capability. At this time, they had grown in size, but armor and weapon development lagged. This was soon rectified. This was the first “Walking Vehicle” where the Pilot no longer filled the suit, but was rather contained within the machine’s torso.


2030 – Enclosed Valkyries

The 3rd Generation Valkyries were the first true walking combat vehicles. They grew slightly in size, and now provided the Pilot with a fully enclosed and armored combat environment. At this point, Valkyrie specific weapons were designed and emplaced on the Valkyries, rather than using modified Infantry weapons. Very few of these remain in service in 2050.


2040 – First True Valkyries

The 4th Generation Valkyries were built on the lessons first seen in the 3rd Generation equipment. Again, they grew in size, and with years of experience to learn from, the Valkyrie cockpits and interface systems were finally on their own development path. Up until this point, Valkyrie cockpits were a mash-up of fighter and helicopter controls. Many factions still field 4th Generation Valkyries in front line combat.


2050 – Modern Valkyries

5th Generation Valkyries started appearing around 2045. They have grown to their full height of 50 feet (16 meters). This varies by model, with the largest being almost 60 feet in height. While the current master of the battlefield, research continues to improve their capabilities.