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Russian Federation

Russian Federation Valkyrie naming system:

LST (Light Soldier Tank)

MST (Medium Soldier Tank)

HST (Heavy Soldier Tank)

XX = First Year of Service

Named for characters and creatures from Russian mythology



MST-43 “Ivan”

The Ivan is the Russian Federation’s primary Valkyrie.




MST-44 “Koschei”

The Koschei is a fire support Valkyrie designed to stand-off and provide long range rocket support to clear the path for the assault forces.





LST-42 “Domovoi”

The Domovoi is a scout Valkyrie. It’s high speed and close-in fire power make it an excellent unit to lead the assault.




HST-44 “Baba Yaga”

The Baba Yaga’s came as a shock to the other powers with it large bore artillery cannon, it combines the best of an artillery unit and a Valkyrie. Baba Yaga’s also mount substantial medium range and short range firepower in the case they are directly engaged in combat.


Baba Yaga




The T-80 is the successor to the legendary T-72 Soviet main battle tank. It forms the heavy armor backbone of many Armies in 2050.

t80 on black



The BTR-80 is an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). It carries up to 2 squads of Infantry at high speed into battle. Once in combat, it has a turreted support weapon to provide additional firepower for the Infantry.

russian btr 80


The 2S19 is a Self-Propelled Artillery vehicle. It provides long range firepower.

russian 2s19


The GAZ-2330 is a light utility vehicle, much like the American HumVee.