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Japan will appear in a Nation Expansion.



The standard medium-sized combat Valkyrie for the Japanese Army. It is well suited for battle at various ranges with its Heavy Cannon, Heavy Laser, and dual Small Missile Racks.




The largest of Japan’s Valkyries, mounting 2 Heavy Artillery Cannons for long-range fire support, and 2 Heavy Autocannons for close-in work.




The fast and light weight Akuma is specialized for close combat with its 2 Light Lasers. It has very limited medium and long range firepower in the form of a Small Missile Rack.



The Bishamon is also equipped for close-range combat with 4 Light Autocannons. Its armor has been increased to give it a better chance to survive as it closes range.


The Oni

The Oni stand 20 feet tall, have one pilot, and are a half-step between Powered Infantry Armor and light-weight Valkyries. They are fast, deadly, and are the latest tech to hit the battlefield. Each Oni carries one shoulder-mounted Light Laser. The Oni’s hand-claws do well in close-range combat.