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Japan will appear as an add-on Faction.



The standard medium-sized combat Valkyrie for the Japanese Army. It is well suited for battle at various ranges with its Cannon, Laser, and dual Missile Racks.





The largest of Japan’s Valkyries, mounting 2 Heavy Cannon for long-range fire support, and 2 Autocannons for close-in work.



A light weight Valkyrie specialized for close combat with its 2 Flamethrowers. It has very limited medium and long range firepower in the form of a Small Missile Rack.



The Bishamon is also equipped for close-range combat with a Laser and Hand-Claw. Its armor has been increased to give it a better chance to survive as it closes range.


The Oni

The Oni stand 20 feet tall, have one pilot, and are a half-step between Powered Infantry Armor and light-weight Valkyries. They are fast, deadly, and are the latest tech to hit the battlefield.