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European Union

european union

The European Union will appear in a Nation Expansion.



The standard medium-sized Valkyrie for the European Union. It is well-suited for combat at all ranges with a Heavy Cannon, Dual-Heavy Autocannons, and 2 Small Missile Racks.

mech17 on black


One of the largest Valkyries on the battlefield with a crew of 3. In addition to the pilot, the enlarged cockpit seats 2 tactical commanders. It is well-suited for combat at all ranges with 2 Heavy Lasers and 2 Medium Missile Racks.


The Athena is optimized for engaging support vehicles and infantry. It is equipped with 4 Medium Cannons and 2 Small Missile Racks.


The Hermes is a fast scout Valkyrie with limited firepower. It is equipped with 2 hand-claws, and 2 Medium Cannons.