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United States Valkyrie naming system:

MV (Mechanized Vehicle)

(Role: AS = Assault, FS = Fire Support, SC = Scout, MR = Multi-Role)

Designation Number = Generation and Model

Named for characters and creatures from Norse mythology



MV(MR)-501 “Heimdall”

The Heimdall is the US’s most numerous Valkyrie. Its multi-role weapon mix allows it to engage targets at any range. It mounts a Heavy Cannon, a Heavy Laser, and Small Missile pod. It also mounts a Close Combat package to deal with enemy infantry and vehicles that get too close. While a flexible design, the Heimdall lacks the specialized close range or long range firepower carried by other Valkyries. It is best used as part of a mixed force of Valkyries, Vehicles, and Infantry.




MV(FS)-502 “Thor”

The Thor specializes in long-range missile support. It mounts 2 Large Missiles pods as its primary armament. The Thor is usually only employed in battles large enough to field an adequate screening force to prevent close range attacks against the Valkyrie.




MV(SC)-503 “Loki”

The Loki was one of the first 5th Generation Scout Valkyrie fielded by the major powers. It has limited firepower with a single Heavy Autocannon mounted on its left shoulder, but it is one of the fastest Valkyries on the battlefield. It’s combination of high speed and Spotter capability make for an excellent pairing with a Thor. Its two hand-claws also give it excellent Close-Combat capability when needed.




MV(AS)-504 “Fenrir”

The Fenrir is optimized for short-range combat. Its dual Heavy Autocannons and Heavy Cannon can engage and destroy several enemy combatants each turn. It has has a long-range capability with a Medium Missile pod. The Fenrir is also well armored to withstand the rigors of close-in combat.




M1 “Abrams”

The Abrams is the premier US heavy battle tank. It was designed to fight WWIII in Europe, and ended up cutting its teeth in battle during Desert Storm Iraq 1991.

m1 on black


M1126 “Stryker”

The M1126 is the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) of the Stryker family. It has accommodations for 2 crew and 9 soldiers. While a worthy transport, it does lack firepower, sporting only a heavy machine gun for infantry support.

stryker icv on black


M1114 “HMMWV”

The M1114 utility vehicle, or HumVee, is the latest incarnation of the venerable WWII Jeep. Its family of vehicles has many variants, the M1114 specializes in scouting and other high speed missions.

us humvee on black


M109 “Paladin”

The Paladin is a Self-Propelled Artillery vehicle. It mounts a huge 155mm main gun that can fire on distant targets with a variety of shells.

us m109 paladin


Powered Infantry

The US infantry are equipped with the finest powered armor available. Their heavy armor and weapons are necessary for survival on the battlefield in 2060.

us powered inf on black