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[I’m a BattleTech Fan. Tell Me About Valkyrie]


I started wargaming in the early 1980s. I soon heard of BattleTech. As I remember, it was first titled BattleDroids, but George Lucas had an issue with the use of the word Droids, so they changed the title. I heard about the game, but never played it.


My first direct contact with BattleTech was in about 1990, when I met Sam Lewis at a Los Angeles game convention. He gave me a copy of their new novel (Lethal Heritage), hot off the presses. I think it was a Michael Stackpole book, and it was the first book to introduce the Clans.


After the convention, I took the book home, read it, and loved it. I then went out and bought a few more of Stackpole’s BattleTech books, and loved all of them. The Warrior trilogy was amazing.


Until the invention of the internet and Kickstarter, creating a game with plastic miniatures and terrain was an impossible dream. Creating molds, commissioning 3D models, and producing plastic figures in quantity is extremely expensive, and far beyond what I could ever have hoped to do. But then Kickstarter changed everything, and it is now possible for me to create the game I’ve been dreaming about for 25 years.


So, I designed Valkyrie for people like me. Valkyrie is a solitaire game where you start out with a new Valkyrie pilot, a few skills, and a small support Battle Group. You select a Campaign, deploy and play out the missions against the system-controlled enemy forces. With every battle, you gain experience, skills, and command ability. This allows you to control a larger Battle Group and take on larger objectives.


Along with making battlefield decisions, you also get to manage your Battle Group. You get to select your key staff members, purchase vehicles and infantry to be part of your team, and also decide which to repair and which to scrap when they suffer battle damage.


You can also play Valkyrie head-to-head in 2 player or team mode against your friends. You can also team-up and play against the system using the solo rules.


It plays fast. There are lots of decisions. The actions take seconds to resolve, not minutes. Play alternates between players so there is zero down time. The players mutually construct the battle, and battlefield, so every battle is a story waiting to happen.


The Valkyries are the stars of the show, but the supporting M1s, T-80s, Strykers, and Infantry play an important supporting role, and can turn the tide of battle. Most importantly, every battle tells a story.


DVG has designed and published many games. We are known for streamlined game systems that tell a story. I’ll point to Warfighter as an example. Modern tactical combat is not the easiest topic to keep approachable and fast-paced, all the while telling a story, but we did it. We are grateful for the overwhelming response we got for the first wave of Warfighter games, and put everything else on hold to design the second wave as soon as possible. The first wave was one of our biggest print runs ever, and sold out the fastest of any game we’ve ever made. Its success was entirely due to word of mouth. People were excited by the game and told their friends. We’re a tiny company. We don’t have an advertising budget. Our one and only marketing tool is the satisfied word of mouth recommendations of people who have played our games, and we never forget that.


Well, we’re doing the same for Valkyrie. Valkyrie allows players to stride across an awesome looking battlefield with a cool new concept for terrain, and leave a trail of smoking hulks in their wake. Each Valkyrie miniature is about 50mm tall and each vehicle is 20mm to 30mm long. Every player action presents you with a fresh set of options, and it is up to you to figure out how to best proceed. Valkyrie is all about you deciding what to do, not sifting through thick rules trying out figure out how to do it.


When the game is over, I guarantee you, you will have exciting battle stories to retell over pizza with your friends.


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