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[Game Components]

The core Valkyrie game will include (estimated MSRP $120):


4 different US Valkyrie miniatures


4 different Russian Federation miniatures


20 US Vehicles and Infantry (M1 Tanks, Stryker ICVs, M109 Paladins, and Infantry) miniatures


20 Russian Federation Vehicles and Infantry (T-80 Tanks, BTR-80 APCs, 2S19 Self-Propelled Artillery, and Infantry) miniatures


8 Tri-Hex Terrain Pieces (2 Ridge Lines, 2 Tree Lines, 2 Buildings, and 2 Headquarters)


20+ custom Dice of different designs


1 Battle Map (34″ x 44″)

60 Cards

8 Valkyrie Display Sheets (8.5″ x 5.5″)

1 Rulebook

1 Sheet of Counters

1 Really Large Box