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  1. danverssengames Post author

    David – Those are areas not yet defined in the world. We’re launching with 2 factions, and hoping to add more with stretch goals. Ultimately, we’ll detail the whole world. 🙂

  2. Australia and NZ could not stand alone and if we were not to be vassals or battlefields then how about part of an India led Non aligned nations league ? Canada and South America could be members too. However – climate change would likely sea Australia being extremes of flood and drought and fought over for resources, same for central and southern America. While Canada is likely to be frozen most of the year and the battleground between Russia and US. NZ will thus be the only bastion of sanity in a world gone mad! Perhaps it would be under the protection of the Damoclese umbrella?

  3. Some random thoughts on first reading.
    Given a world that is in resource crisis and the small size of the forces we will be using on table – perhaps the primary objectives would be to protect your own supply depot while trying to capture the enemy’s rather than HQs.
    On visual look – the tr-hex for ridge line looks more like “broken ground”. Would it not be possible for the ridge line sculpture to look like a small hill flat topped hillock and thus clearly an exposed rise?
    “Broken ground” tri-hex would be a great add on.
    Possible CAS to come – rather than jets could it be flying Valks? Put a pair of large vector fans on the back of a light Valk and away you go. Baically heavily armed attack helicopters.

    1. Concerning the ridge line the first thing I thought was the the center should be higher to elevate the miniature. If it is not changed I will remodel it before painting.

  4. danverssengames Post author

    David – I like the idea of doing something special with Australia/NZ. As the writers fill-out the world, I’ll ask them to come up with something neat.

    You’re right about the Supply Depot! We’re testing it now. You actually spend some points to buy the Supply Depot at the start of the game for the enemy player. It is then up to them to defend it. If you destroy it, you gain VPs. 🙂

    I’ll ask about raising the Tri-Hex Ridge Line 🙂

  5. NZ could be “safe” base for Damoclese boomers, and where most of the Pacific Islanders flee to as sea levels rise – those that don’t form floating “cities”. David Brin wrote an interesting near future novel that is worth a read.

    1. danverssengames Post author

      Patrick – I’ve looked into shipping games into the EU, then having a local company fulfill the orders. The cost is about the same as having UPS do shipments from the US. So, the plan is, UPS will bulk ship to its hub in Europe, then they will mail out from there to everyone. According to UPS, this will not incur import taxes and VAT fees.

    1. danverssengames Post author

      David – One of the costs EU gamers get hit with is import and VAT taxes on products entering the EU. By bulk shipping the games into the EU, then shipping to players from within the EU, we have avoided such extra fees in the past with our Kickstarters. Such things are always subject to change though based on new laws.

  6. There is no difference as there is only one Kickstart.com?!?

    My question was if it was “EU friendly” which is the common term for Kickstarter projects which ship from within the EU to avoid import taxes.

  7. Thanks! Down here with direct postal purchases we only have to pay GST (VAT) if >$1000au. However postal rates from the US/EU have increased a lot in recent years.

  8. ReverendUncleBastard

    This game looks fantastic! One question, someone on the Boardgamegeek posted an image on the Solitaire Games on Your Table geeklist that indicated that this game would have solo rules included. Is this true? If this game comes with solo rules I will be an instant backer, Valkyrie is right up my alley but I play games more often solitaire than I do with others.

    The image I am referring to is here.

      1. danverssengames Post author

        Thank you Reverend!

        We try to design as many of our games as possible with solo rules from the start because sometimes it is hard to find other people to game with.

        Thank you again!

        1. ReverendUncleBastard

          You are welcome! I do about 75% of my gaming solo, so I am very excited about this game. Once you launch the KS (or just before) you should post a notice on the 1-player Guild at BGG. There are close to 2500 members of the guild, all of whom get very excited about new solo playable games. There is a lot of love for your previous releases there, Warfighter has been particularly popular of late. I have always waited until retail to buy KS games, but I want to make sure this one makes it to market so it will be my first KS backing.

          1-player Guild

  9. Been following this on TMP and have a couple of questions (which will probably be answered tomorrow!):

    1. Are the miniatures going to be 1/300-ish in scale?
    2. The Valkyries sound a bit like Ogres. Is that a fair assessment?


    Scott Chisholm

  10. G’day Scott
    The kick starter has kicked off.
    Dan has confirmed 1/285th (micro/6mm) scale.
    The “How to play” videos and the kick starter video are brilliant way of show casing the miniatures and the rules for giant walking fighting machines. The progressive destruction rules for the Valks is a bit like Ogre – without the damage track. I’d like to see super tanks/ogres/bolos/tracked fortresses in the game but that might distract from the Valks

  11. On Russian valks I’d like go see current Russian cannons:
    Direct fire
    23mm auto canon usually twin, sometimes quad (AA – ZSU-23-2, naval twin in darlek mount)
    30mm auto canon either CIWS or BMP-2
    57mm Naval usually twin AA
    73mm low velocity on BMP-1
    76mm on PT-76 or naval twin
    85mm on ground mount as ATG or ASU-85
    100mm on T-55 or BMP-3 or naval
    115mm on T-62
    125mm on T-80
    130mm on Naval usually twin

    82mm auto mortar
    120 mm breach loading mortar

    Russia currently doesn’t use 75mm, 90mm or 155mm except perhaps for the export market.
    Of course in 2050 they may well be, but I would miss the current calibres

      1. Similar weapons
        United States MGM-51 Shillelagh used with the M551 Sheridan light tank, and the short lived M60A2 MBT.
        United States XM1111 Mid-Range Munition which was attempted to be developed for the M1A2 SEP Abrams MBT.
        Russian 9K112 Kobra (AT-8 Songster) is also fired through 125-mm smoothbore gun tubes.
        Israeli LAHAT, used with their 105 and 120-mm gun tubes.
        French ACRA 142mm anti-tank guided weapon, tested on a version of the AMX-30 MBT.
        Ukrainian Kombat tandem-warhead ATGM with a 5,000-m effective range, fired from 125-mm smoothbore guns. 950mm penetration.[10]
        Iran builds a reversed engineered version of Svir with max range of 4,000 meters named Tondar.[11]

  12. danverssengames Post author

    Here’s the plan for the relaunch…

    I’m working on a redesign now, and hope to launch a new KS in a couple months. When we do, we’ll have all finished components to show and a full rulebook. The world of KS has changed in the past year. In the past, it was okay to say, “These are prototype components.” Now, people want to see final components, and that’s what we’ll give them.

    As far as game mechanics, we’re already looking at the systems to see what we can streamline.

    You might be thinking, “All those are fine changes, but those are details. Are you making a big change to make Valkyrie stand out?”

    We are.

    We are redesigning Valkyrie from the ground up to be a solitaire game.

    Valkyrie will have full campaigns, character experience, and Battle Group management.

    You’ll start by choosing a Valkyrie Pilot template (such as Rookie, Athlete, or Grizzled Veteran), allocating a few starting skill points, purchasing your initial Battle Group, and then selecting a campaign. During battles, you’ll command your forces, and the system will run the opposing forces.

    We’re drawing on our years of experience designing solo games like our Air Leader series and Field Commander series to make Valkyrie a unique solitaire game in the miniatures world.

    As you complete missions, you’ll gain Victory Points towards toward winning the campaign, as well as points to allocate to your Battle Group. You’ll be able to buy more skills for your Pilot, upgrade your Valkyrie, trade in your Valkyrie for a better one, add more support forces to your Battle Group, and have supporting characters join your Staff.

    You will be able to command the forces of any nation, and fight against any nation in every campaign. As we release each new faction, it will come with all the cards needed for it to be both player controlled and system controlled.

    Valkyrie will also come with head-to-head rules for those times you want to crush your friends under your mighty steel feet.

  13. On the game setting – please make it darker and more desperate.
    On the damaclese concept – who would they nuke if H3N7 outbreak occurs in the boarder region of three factions?
    Same also with a Boomer being sunk by an unidentified SSN
    Perhaps their focus could be space based and strategic

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