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[Battle Map]

Here’s a prototype of the Positional Tactical Map with its all-important areas of the battlefield! Each hex isĀ 40mm across.

Each hex represents terrain roughly 1 mile across


Each game turn represents roughly 3 minutes of combat time.


The positional battlefield map is the heart of the Valkyrie combat system. The battlefield is divided into 7 areas: 1 Breakthrough, 2 Flanks, 2 Support, and 2 Rear areas. Each area grants units in that area special tactical bonuses.


Units in the breakthrough area occupy the center of the battlefield and have the best chance to attack enemy forces. They also receive the most bonuses from your units in other areas of the battlefield.


If you control a flank area, meaning you have forces in the area and the enemy does not, then you control that flank. This means all your forces in the Breakthrough area get to roll 1 extra die when activated. If you control both Flanks, your Breakthrough forces get to roll 2 extra dice.


Your units in the Support area gain the Overwatch ability. This means that if an enemy force attacks one of your forces in the Breakthrough area, one of your Support forces can launch a suppression attack on the enemy force and possibly cancel the enemy’s attack.


Forces in your Rear area get to roll 1 extra Tactics die during their activation. With each Tactics die rolled, you have a chance of generating 1 or more Tactic points. You may spend 1 Tactic point to have a unit roll an extra die, or to have an enemy unit roll 1 less die. You can also spend tactic points to play battle enhancing command cards from your Valkyrie.